Bindi's Fund 

Bindi had a tumour the size of a football growing on her leg.

It wasn’t something you could ignore.

Sadly, Bindi’s owner didn’t care enough to take her to the vet.

These are difficult times. Yet beautiful dogs like Bindi still need rescuing and treatment. Please, we need your support to save vulnerable animals across South Australia.

After months of specialist treatment at our Lonsdale shelter, we were able to bring beautiful Bindi back to health.

But we can’t be there for more dogs like Bindi without you.

The end of financial year is fast approaching, so please make a donation today.


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$300.00 DP Damien Palmer
$50.00 ? Anonymous
$200.00 ? Anonymous
Please keep up your good work. Wish I could do more but being a pensioner it is difficult. Thank heavens for people who care.
$100.00 LB Lyn Bowers
$25.00 LB Lesley Baligod
Very glad Bindi has recovered.
$100.00 MM Margaret Marriott
Darling Bindi, So happy to be able to help this gorgeous little dog,please help everyone, every little bit helps. So sad to think of the pain she went through, but she is happy now at last,thanks to the wonderful RSPCA, and a loving new owner. What on earth would we do without them.
$2.00 ? Anonymous