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Jami Blain

Jami Blain

Animals are our best friends and they are not here for our whole lives.
some animals however do not get the chance to have a loving family at first. The RSPCA helps these animals great and small find there forever home!
I am hoping to raise money to help with food, bedding and any medical needs these animals need before they are adopted!
Please join me to help make a difference in these animals lives xx.


raised of $500 goal

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1. BBen and Emma Spinotti
2. Jami Blain
3. ACAriel Campbell
Good luck! <3
4. LLynn Marvel
Wanted to make the number even from $162 to $170. Good luck with your charity! Hope this little contribution helps in any way possible for this great cause! Thanks for everything that you do!
5. NSNicola Slade
Sorry it’s not much, but hoping ‘every little helps’
6. Jami Blain