Spock's emergency fund

Spock’s right paw was literally hanging on by a thread when she arrived in our care two weeks ago.

The 3-year-old cat was rushed to our Lonsdale shelter via Animal Ambulance, with her middle two toes almost completely severed.

Her paw had such deep lacerations that her bone was visible in places.

On top of all that, this poor lady was thin, covered in fleas and suffering one fractured tooth.

Can you imagine the pain Spock must have been in?

Our veterinarians soon operated to remove Spock’s two most badly affected toes.

Incredibly, our vets did manage to patch the rest of her wound up well enough, saving Spock from losing her paw entirely.

That surgery left this kitty with a seriously unique look … so, of course, we just had to affectionately name her Spock – because she’s permanently doing the Vulcan salutation from Star Trek!

While Spock is now well on the road to recovery, we need help to pay for her surgery and rehabilitation costs.

It’s estimated the total cost of Spock’s rehabilitation will be $1,100.

Remember, 100% of our animal care costs are covered by support and donations from kind-hearted people just like you.

Can you please donate today to help Spock find the happy life she deserves?


* The goal for Spock’s fundraiser includes the surgery on her injured paw, as well as desexing, vaccinations, microchipping, regular health checks and daily care – which will continue until she’s ready for adoption. If her medical and care costs are less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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