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Not sure how to kick start your fundraising and hit your goal? Need a little bit of extra help? Look no further!

1. Start by donating to yourself. This will get the ball rolling and set an example for others.

2. Share a link to your page along with a special message on social media. Tell your friends and family why your fundraising to help animals in need.

3. Add an RSPCA South Australia cover photo to your Facebook page.

4. Add a link to your page to your Instagram bio, and upload a  photo to Instagram with the hashtag #rspcasa.

6. Ask everyone at work, school or university to sponsor you.

7. Use one of our RSPCA Supporter Logos. We have a few different versions, but make sure to read our
Terms & Conditions first! 
Community Supporter Logo Round

    Community Supporter Logo Heart
    Corporate Supporter Logo Heart
    Supporter Logo Round

    Supporter Logo Heart
8. Make sure you
thank your supporters publicly when they make a donation to you.

9. Download and print one of our posters to help promote your fundraising! 
Poster 1
    Poster 2
    Poster 3
    Poster 4
    Poster 5 
Poster 6

10. Download a printable donation box or labels to stick on a container. Perhaps you'd like some invites to your event or even bunting? 
Donation Box
    Invites 1
    Invites 2

11. You can read more about RSPCA's Humane Food Policy here.

It doesn't really matter how you do it - all you need to do is tell people about your fundraising, and ask them (nicely) to support you. You might be surprised just how generous your friends, family and workmates can be when it comes to saving animals.