Donate to save an animal from a life of misery…

When RSPCA South Australia found these fifteen helpless animals, they were living in squalor, barely surviving without food or water.

We urgently need you to donate now so we can rescue animals in similar situations and provide them with life-saving vet care, food, shelter and rehabilitation.

It is only with donations like yours that we are able to help animals in need and end their suffering.

Please, give now to save a life.

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$35.00 ?Anonymous
$25.00 MRMichelle Rocco
Thank you for your bravery and courage ! We appreciate all your amazing work and advocacy for these vulnerable creatures on our behalf.
$35.00 NRNicole Rothe
$200.00 JNJulia Newman
$25.00 DMDianne McBride
What an amazing job the RSPCA do for animals in SA. It is heart breaking to read some of the terrible stories these animals have to endure. What sort of humans do this to animals? Never ceases to amaze me how horrible some people can be. So a big thankyou for those that care for animals and secure them a loving forever home.
$75.00 SGSandra Giancola
Why is it necessary to leave a seizure notice?? Waiting 1 or 2 days can literally mean life or death for an animal. You should have the power to seize the animals regardless of their owner being on the property and regardless of whether he gives his/her permission. When inspectors see the situation you should and must act on it instantly!
$100.00 PPPatricia Parsons
$15.00 ?Anonymous
$50.00 ?Anonymous