Boss' Emergency Fund 

Poor old Boss was surrendered to our Lonsdale shelter last month in so much pain, unable to open his eyes without immense discomfort.

The American Staffordshire Terrier was suffering from a condition called entropion, where both his eyelids rolled inwards, causing the hair around his eyes to constantly rub in his eyeball.

“To understand the discomfort Boss was in, imagine having sand, hair or an eyelash in your eye – all the time,” RSPCA veterinarian Lauren says.

Sadly, our vets predict that 11-year-old Boss had been like that for a number of years, likely due to his previous owners not understanding the extent of his problem.

Poor Boss was so squinty and inflamed that he struggled in pain when anyone touched near his eyes. After conducting x-rays, our vets placed the old boy under anaesthetic and carefully rolled back his eyes and stitched them up. And that wasn’t all – Boss also had to have two skin cancers removed.

The little trooper took this surgery so well, and was briefly available for adoption.

But sadly, Boss had a dental disease that worsened, and our vets decided that he would need further treatment where multiple teeth would likely be removed – and he is now awaiting dental surgery.

Despite all he’s been through, Boss is such a friendly and gorgeous boy, and he’s so deserving of spending his golden years free from the discomfort he’s used to.

Will you help this gorgeous senior citizen get the expert care and attention he desperately needs? We estimate the total cost of Boss’ treatment and recovery will be $2,000.

Can you please donate today to help give Boss the best chance of recovering and finding the loving forever home he deserves?

* The goal for Boss’ fundraiser includes surgery to roll back his eyes, remove his skin cancers and treat his dental disease, as well as x-rays and the ongoing costs of antibiotics, pain relief and rehabilitation. If his medical and care costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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I hope this helps Boss receive the care he needs so the rest of his life is a more comfortable one. C'mon big fella!
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Go Boss!
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Good luck, doggie xx
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All the very best Boss
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Hope this helps a little towards Boss’s op, poor bugga.
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