Bushfire Appeal

With fires ravaging our state, animals are at their most vulnerable. Please donate to help protect them.

RSPCA South Australia is doing all we can to protect the animals in threatened or affected areas. But once the active fire zones clear, that’s when the most challenging work begins.

This includes the rescue and treatment of animals most affected by the fires. With thousands of animals already affected, we need your help with this important work.

Our teams are prepared with equipment and supplies for the field to help animals injured or in distress from the fires. Our inspectors and veterinary staff have been deployed in the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island, under the direction of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia, and will assist animals in distress for as long as needed. 

The impact of the fires is devastating. We are preparing for long-term rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

We want to assist other South Australian animal welfare organisations – particularly those working to save native animals – with targeted, practical support that helps surviving animals get back on their feet. We must ensure native animals are not forgotten as the landscape begins to regenerate.

All of the money raised through this appeal will be directed to bushfire response initiatives and organisations we are collaborating with, to ensure rapid and effective action for impacted animals.

* To learn more about our full response to South Australia’s bushfires, head here: www.rspcasa.org.au/sa-fires-response


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$1,000.00 LFLittle Bang Brewing Company Fundraiser
$300.00 SFSally Fisher
So sad to see our beloved Adelaide Hills and gorgeous KI so badly hurt by this disaster. Even though we dont live in SA any longer, we are thinking of you and your devastated wildlife/nature and glad to support your vital work. Thank you.
PTPK and RD Turner
$300.00 RRandy Brook & Melanie Rowland
We live in rural, central Washington State, USA, in an area also hit many times by wildfire. We have visited Kangaroo Island twice and have very dear friends in Kersbrook. We are so terribly sad about the terrible losses to wildlife.
$1,000.00 AKAdrian Koerber
My thanks to all the volunteers on KI
$50.00 PSPatricia Smith
$100.00 ?Anonymous
$2,000.00 TGThe Staff of the Scott Salisbury Group
$100.00 IIn memory of Chaps
$100.00 DPDavid Peachey