Combat Cruelty

We need you to help us combat animal cruelty in South Australia.

Each year, our small team of inspectors investigate more than 4,000 reports of animal cruelty. They can only continue this life-saving work with the support of people like you.

Will you support our inspectors with a $25 donation to help keep them on the road, fighting animal abuse?

Please donate today to keep our inspectors on the frontline, rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.



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$25.00 ?Anonymous
God bless you and your team for such a wonderful job
$5.00 GCGail Courtney
$25.00 AMAlison Mitchell
Thank you for your tireless work.
$100.00 SSue
$50.00 EBElizabeth Barron
I appreciate all your work
$20.00 SSSusan Salotti Salotti
Breaks my heart
I have always loved my animals and other peoples too. As a pensioner I can't donate much but a small amount is better than none. Keep up the good work.
$25.00 MPMark Pearce
Every bit helps..
$25.00 ?Anonymous
Keep up the good work
$50.00 LZLarisa Zinoviev