Combat Cruelty

We need you to help us combat animal cruelty in South Australia.


For the first time ever, we’re throwing open our animal cruelty case files, giving South Australians a no-holds-barred look at the horror of animal suffering occurring every day across our state.


But we believe it’s only through understanding that animal lovers like you can help us – the only charity empowered to take legal action against animal abuse offenders – in our fight to combat cruelty.



In the past 12 months our 9 RSPCA inspectors have:


- 4,077 Cruelty reports received


- 70 Cases prosecuted


- 983,500 Square kms covered in SA


Please join us our RSPCA inspectors to combat cruelty today.



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Thank you Andrea and your team for all the wonderful work you do helping our defenceless animals
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Thank you for doing this important work and looking after these beautiful creatures I admire what you do.