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The official Cupcake Day is Monday 20th of August, but any day in August is a good time to eat some yummy treats!

Just follow these easy steps…

  1. 1. Register your participation
Click here to register and get started planning your Cupcake Day.
  1. 2. Download your host kit
In previous years we have sent you a host kit in the mail, however to make sure as much  money as possible goes to the animals we have decided to make the kit downloadable. Simply click here to download everything from, posters, host kit, cupcake labels, through to decorative bunting.
  1. 3. Plan your day
Decide whether it is your work colleagues, schoolmates, or friends and family that you will be baking for, and which day works for you (although not a bad way to spend a Monday if you do decide on the 20th!).
  1. 4. Spread the word
Utilise your host kit by pinning promotional posters, and let everyone know via social media so they can bring their money and appetites on the day! Hashtag #RSPCACupcakeDay 
  1. 5. Bake fur love!
  2. Whether you are starting your baking journey or can bake with your eyes closed, just bake with love and have fun! Let creative juices and chocolate flow your way through to a masterpiece!
  3. 6. Donate your funds
  4. As soon as you can, please donate the money you raise through your Cupcake Day fundraising page. The sooner you do, the sooner it can go towards helping our furry friends in need. Plus, bank your funds before Friday 14th September and go into the draw to win flights and three nights’ accommodation for you and a friend to Tasmania with a food and wine package to celebrate your Cupcake Day success.
  6. Additional idea…
    If you are hosting a Cupcake Day at work, encourage your employer to dollar match donations, to make the contribution even sweeter!
  7. What if you can’t host your own Cupcake Day? There are still many ways that you can participate. Encourage the master baker in your family or friendship group to host their own Cupcake Day that you can assist with (assistant should get to lick the spoon!) and donate to RSPCA by clicking on the ‘donate’ button on the RSPCA South Australia website.