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What is Cupcake Day?
Cupcake Day is an opportunity to raise much-needed funds for the RSPCA by baking up a storm and selling your sweet creations to friends, family, or colleagues.

How do I participate?
Click here to learn more about how to get involved.

What if I can’t host my own Cupcake Day?
There are still many ways to can get involved, even if you are unable to host your own Cupcake Day. This includes encouraging or assisting someone else to host, making a donation, or hosting a Cupcake Day any other convenient day in August.

Where do the funds go?
Your funds go towards helping South Australian animals in need. This includes covering shelter costs and nourishment, providing veterinary treatment for thousands of sick, injured and abandoned animals and protecting innocent animals against cruelty.

What are the host tools?
The host tools has everything that you could need to help you host your own Cupcake Day. This includes marketing materials such as poster and invitation templates, right through to a pop-up donation box to collect any cash donations from the day.

How do I get my paws on my Cupcake Day host tools?
In previous years we have sent you a host kit in the mail, however to make sure all of the money raised goes to the animals we have decided to make the kit downloadable.

How do I collect donations and give them to RSPCA South Australia?
There are a few ways that you can collect donations:

  • People can donate online via your fundraising page. All donations over $2 and made through this medium will receive a tax receipt.
  • If people choose to pay with cash, just transfer the identical amount from your credit or debit card and deposit the cash onto your fundraising page. 

Does the RSPCA provide tax receipts for donations?
Any donations over $2, which are made via your online fundraising page, will result in a tax receipt that will be emailed directly to the donor.

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