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Welcome to Kims Cupcake Day page!

Kimberly Chojnacki

Kimberly Chojnacki

Welcome animal lovers!

The RSPCA are holding a cupcake day to raise funds for their shelters to keep up the good work.

What this means is, we get to eat cupcakes (and other baked goods) and feel good about helping.

All cupcakes will be priced $2-3 each and there will be a variety of delicious flavours. If cupcakes aren't your thing? Feel free to just make a donation! Each donation over $2 is tax deductible.

If you can not make it but still want to help out, go on over and donate through my page with the RSPCA:

If you can not give money, thats fine! In the lead up of the day, I will also be accepting any donations for the little critters. Such as:

-Canned pet food
-Kitty litter/ trays
-Cat/dog bowls
-Pet bedding
-Even old clothes and trinkets (for their op shop)

There will be a tub available on the day to put all physical donations in. Any donations made prior to this day will be able to be dropped off to my home (inbox for details) after 6.00pm (except Thursday) or I can pick them up (depending on location) on Sundays.

So, come and say hi to me and my pooch Bosco and get some DELICIOUS cupcakes.

-Kim and Bosco



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