Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day…the one day of the year where it is compawletely acceptable for your perfect pupper  to join you at work!

Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrates the joys of canine companionship and encourages non-dog owning employees to consider finding a place in their hearts and homes for dogs in need.

TYDTWDay is a fantastic opportunity for companies and businesses – no matter how small or large – to recognise the role pets play in their employees’ lives and to demonstrate their support for the important cause of animal adoption.

The day is also a great opportunity to raise money for animal shelters, such as RSPCA South Australia’s shelter at Lonsdale. A donation of just $9 could provide a week of antibiotics to a dog recovering from surgery.

Anyone keen to hold a TYDTWDay is encouraged to broach the idea with their employer or head of human resources. If you’re going ahead with a fundraiser for RSPCA, we can provide you with a special TYDTWDay pack when you register here:



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