Dragon's emergency fund

Dragon was in agony when found by an RSPCA inspector last week. The poor boy had literally scratched himself raw.

The young Labrador-cross was so badly infested with fleas that he’d developed a severe and terribly itchy skin disease.

Constantly scratching, Dragon opened up wounds across his back, chest and legs. Left untreated, these wounds became infected and smelly, further adding to his suffering.

Simple flea treatment, administered regularly, could have spared Dragon all this pain.

Thankfully, Dragon is now receiving treatment at our Lonsdale shelter.

Our veterinarians are administering regular antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. They hope Dragon’s inflamed and crusty skin will quickly settle down, allowing his hair to regrow.

Already, this sweet-natured dog has captured the hearts of everyone at our Lonsdale shelter.

Will you help him recover?

It’s estimated the total cost of Dragon’s rehabilitation will be $950.

Can you please donate today to help Dragon find the happy life he deserves?


* The goal for Dragon’s fundraiser includes medications and care to treat his skin, as well as desexing, vaccinations, microchipping, regular health checks and daily care – which will continue until he’s ready for adoption. If his medical and care costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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$50.00 AM Alison Mitchell
Why do people have these beautiful animals if they won’t care for them. Thank you RSPCA for ALL you good work.
$25.00 JH Jessy Harris
? Anonymous
$25.00 ? Anonymous
$25.00 ? Anonymous
Hope Dragon makes a full recovery, such a sweet thing
T The Parsons Family
You guys do amazing work, Dragon is very lucky to have found his way into your care. I hope he recovers fully and is soon happy in his forever home!
$205.00 Q Quinn Family
It is disgusting what some people do to animals. Thank goodness Dragon was found, and can now be treated, then hopefully find his forever home.
$400.00 ? Anonymous
$25.00 AD Alex Delgado
$50.00 ? Anonymous