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Poor Finnick arrived at our shelter a week ago in such excruciating pain that he could barely stand.

The two-year-old tabby had a severely infected and swollen leg, which had likely gone untreated for days.

Finnick’s agony was so unbearable that our dedicated vets couldn’t inspect his injuries without first providing strong pain relief.  

“Finnick is such a lovely boy – he tried so hard to cooperate during his treatment but he was just in too much pain,” RSPCA vet Lauren said.

After ruling out a broken leg, our vets soon determined that the cause of Finnick’s suffering was a painful abscess on his right hind leg – likely the result of a nasty cat fight.

His case is one of many tragic examples of the dangers of allowing your cat to roam the streets, especially at night.

If the poor boy had been left untreated any longer, he was in danger of losing his leg entirely.

With gentle care, our team of skilled vets placed Finnick under general anaesthetic and cut away all the dead tissue on his leg before cleaning his wound.

The sweet little tabby is now on a course of antibiotics and pain relief, and having his wound cleaned and cared for daily – but our vets predict he’ll need a few more weeks of specialist treatment to recover fully.

Will you help this beautiful boy receive the love and care he desperately needs to get better?

We estimate the total cost of Finnick’s surgery and recovery will be $650.  

Can you please donate today to give Finnick the best chance of recovering, so he’s ready to find his forever home?

* The goal for Finnick’s fundraiser includes surgery to treat his significantly infected and swollen leg as well as the ongoing costs of antibiotics, pain relief and rehabilitation. If his medical costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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$25.00 JM Jane Mitchell
Thank you RSPCA. You're amazing!
$25.00 SG Sonya Grove
Good luck Finnick, wishing you a full and speedy recovery.
$25.00 JR Jodie Randell
$25.00 MW Michelle Wilby
Get well soon Finnick xx
$50.00 Js John sampson
Thankyou to all you amazing people who work tirelessly ,to give all these precious babies the lives these deserve. ☺ All power to you and i pray Finnick's recovery is a quick one and he finds his forever home. 🐱
$50.00 ? Anonymous
$100.00 J Janet
$10.00 E Edward The Cat
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? Anonymous
Hope kitty recovers good work rspca