Injured Babies Emergency Fund 

Mittens, Toffee and Misty desperately need your help. All three animals are still babies – yet in their early months of life, they've already had to endure so much pain.  

All three have come into our care in recent weeks, as the global coronavirus pandemic has rapidly gained speed. It’s placing our charity under extreme financial pressure. We’re seeing donations fall, volunteers drop off, adoptions slow – and still, our work to save vulnerable animals doesn’t stop.

We know this is a terribly challenging time for so many people. But, if you can, we’re asking for your help to save these three babies.

Mittens was attacked by a dog in her own backyard.

The 4-month old kitten was playing in a backyard two weeks ago when a dog broke through the fence and viciously attacked her, leaving poor Mittens with a badly mauled paw.

Unfortunately, Mittens’ leg was so badly injured that it was unable to be saved – and to relieve Mittens of the dreadful pain she’d been subject to, our vets have now performed an amputation and are monitoring her progress daily.  

Baby Toffee is completely blind from a severe case of untreated cat flu.

The teeny 11-week-old kitten came into our care with her litter last month, with severe discharge in both eyes, likely caused by cat flu.

For now, this sweet girl is under the watchful eye of our experienced foster carers, where she’s being given medicated eye drops and antibiotics daily. But it’s likely that, once she grows stronger, she’ll need both eyes removed.

Despite being unable to see, we’re told that Toffee takes it in her stride – and is still super playful and affectionate.

Misty's hip was so badly dislocated that she couldn’t bear weight on her right hind leg.  
Unfortunately, a week had been left to pass before the 5-month-old pup was surrendered to one of our inspectors to receive much-needed treatment. 

Thankfully, our vets have been able to successfully realign Misty's hipbone, and she’ll soon be ready to walk free from pain again.

While this sweet girl recovers, she’s on a course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain relief, and is soon to go into specialised foster care. 

With daily treatment, Mittens, Toffee and Misty are all on the road to recovery – but they really need your help to grow strong and healthy. 

We’re doing everything we can to give these beautiful babies the life they deserve. But as a charity 91% funded by community donations, we simply don’t have the funds to do this on our own – especially in such an uncertain economic climate.

Please, could you donate just $5 to help them? It’s the cost of one coffee – but will do a world of difference to animals in need.

To fund the treatment and rehabilitation of all three animals, we need to raise $3,400 all up. Our vets estimate the cost of treatment for Mittens and Toffee will be $1,200 respectively, while the cost to help Misty is $1,000.

We’re hoping you can help get us there.

* The goal for this fundraiser includes surgery for each animal, as well as the ongoing costs of antibiotics, pain relief, rehabilitation, desexing, vaccinations and microchipping. If Mittens’, Toffee’s and Misty's medical costs are less than is raised in their name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.

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$25.00 MS Marilyn Stewart
Wish I could give more for each animal. I do donate on a regular basis. Hope they recover soon.
$25.00 TK Taylor Kovac
3 absolutely beautiful babies, I hope they all find the families they deserve :)
? Anonymous
Sorry I can't donate more at this time but have lost my job and have had no funds for weeks. I do hope my small donation helps towards these beautiful babies speedy recovery and a happy life in a good home.
? Anonymous
$50.00 LH Linh Ha
Thanks for all the staff at rspca for looking after these beautiful animals xx
$200.00 MD Maureen Davis
$15.00 MP Monica Pascale
$25.00 SS S Schmidt
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