Abandoned Kittens Emergency Fund 

Defenceless, vulnerable and unable to fend for themselves – these 5 abandoned kittens need your help.

At barely two weeks old, the tiny kittens were separated from their mother and dumped in a plastic bag in Port Lincoln last week.

A compassionate member of the public swiftly brought them to RSPCA’s Port Lincoln Animal Care Centre, where the kittens weighed in at a mere 200g each.

The helpless little babies are so small that their eyes are not even fully open. They can’t yet feed or toilet themselves and require ongoing specialist care.

Our expert foster carers are now providing round-the-clock feeds of special formulas, giving the kittens much-needed nutrients normally received from their mum’s milk.

We’ll also ensure the kittens receive regular and ongoing veterinary care.

Sadly, given their age, it is still too soon to predict if all of them will make it. But we will do our very best to give each and every kitten the best chance of survival.

Our best hope is that every single kitten survives and we can help them all find forever homes once they are over 8 weeks old.

With the weather warming up, these vulnerable young babies are just five of the hundreds expected to flood into our shelters over the next few months, putting added pressure on our already-stretched resources.

Will you help these precious creatures get the expect care and attention they desperately need? We estimate the total cost of caring for these five abandoned kittens over the next two months will be $2,000.

And that doesn't even include the costs of desexing, microchipping, vaccinations and vet checks once they are ready for adoption.

Can you please donate today to help give these darling little kittens the best chance of recovering and finding the loving forever homes they deserve?

* The goal for these abandoned kittens’ fundraiser includes the ongoing costs of specialist kitten milk and food, litter, flea treatment and worming, and regular health checks – which will continue until they’re ready for adoption. If their medical costs are less than is raised in their name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.  


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