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Poor Kobe had been unable to walk for days when he arrived at our Lonsdale shelter last week with a badly broken leg.

Somehow, a wooden post had fallen directly on top of him.

Sadly, several days were then allowed to pass before Kobe was surrendered into our care for emergency veterinary treatment. He must have been in agony.

The 18-month-old Siberian husky was in so much pain he couldn’t even put weight on his front right leg.

Kobe has undergone a barrage of tests and x-rays since arriving in our care. To help him cope, our skilled team of vets placed him on pain relief and anti-inflammatories, and applied a splint to his broken leg.

Our veterinarians are hopeful Kobe’s leg can be saved and are checking his feet daily for swelling, but we’ll need to call in a highly skilled specialist Adelaide vet to assist on Kobe’s case.

Despite his agony, this beautiful boy is fighting strong – and our vets can’t believe how friendly and affectionate he is.

Kobe’s required surgery and rehabilitation will come at significant cost to our charity.

Will you help Kobe get the care and specialist attention he so desperately needs? We estimate the total cost of Kobe’s treatment and recovery will be $1,500.

Can you please donate today to help give Kobe the best chance of recovering and finding the loving forever home he deserves?


* The goal for Kobe’s fundraiser includes surgery to realign the broken bone in his leg, as well as the ongoing costs of anti-inflammatories, pain relief and rehabilitation. If his medical and care costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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This is all I can afford to donate, but I hope it helps
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Hope Kobe gets the help he needs so he is pain free and happy soon.
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Good Luck Darlin Kobe from a Pensioner