Leela's Emergency Fund 

Leela arrived at our Lonsdale shelter last Saturday via our RSPCA animal ambulance, with her left eye so severely injured that it was completely bulging out. 

“In over 20 years as a vet, this is the worst eye injury I’ve ever seen,” RSPCA veterinarian Julie says.

“It was simply unrecognisable as an eye – almost like a balloon full of water.”

Poor Leela’s eye was causing her so much discomfort that our vets had to act quickly – after administering pain relief, they carefully removed her eye under anaesthetic, and are managing her pain and swelling daily. 

At just four months old, Leela is still a kitten. But she’s already been through so much, with our vets predicting she sustained her eye injury after being attacked by another animal.

And poor Leela isn’t out of the woods yet. Our vets have also discovered a case of ear mites – but it’s crucial Leela doesn’t shake her head while her eye is healing, so the introduction of treating medication must be carefully and slowly administered. 

We’re doing all we can to help heal Leela. As a charity 91% funded by community donations, we really need your help to cover the costs of her ongoing treatment.

Could you please donate to help this special girl recover? Her condition is so awful that it’s shocked our experienced vets, so we can’t even imagine what it’s been like for her.

All up, our vets estimate the cost of Leela’s treatment and rehabilitation will be $1,500.

We really hope you can help this beautiful girl.


* The goal for Leela’s fundraiser includes surgery to treat and remove her injured eye, as well as the costs of antibiotics, pain relief, rehabilitation, desexing, vaccinations and microchipping. If her medical costs are less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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$150.00 ? Anonymous
$50.00 ? Anonymous
Hi, my heart aches so much for Leela :( I hope the donation goal is completed soon and she can safely recover! Sending lots of love to you and Leela ♥♥
? Anonymous
$25.00 JF Jennifer Foo
Poor little thing. Hope she recovers well and soon.
$50.00 B Beau and Bella
$25.00 ? Anonymous
Does she need a home afterwards??
$100.00 JG James Gauci
$80.00 PM Patrycja Mooren
Good luck little one!
$25.00 ? Anonymous
Thank you RSPCA for all you do
SD Sarah Dyer
Hopefully a speedy recovery for a beautiful fur baby x