Lilly's emergency fund

We’ll never know exactly what caused Lilly’s terrible injury.

At just nine weeks old, the tiny puppy came into our care in absolute agony, her front left leg badly broken.

Her tiny paw jutted off at a sickening angle. Who knows how long the poor baby suffered with this injury before she reached help.

Our veterinarians believe little Lilly may have been accidentally stepped on by her former owners, or possibly fallen from a height – fracturing her fragile young bones.

Since coming into our care in early June, Lilly has undergone a barrage of tests and x-rays. Our veterinarians at first weren’t even sure her badly damaged leg could be saved.

We’ve since called in a highly skilled specialist Adelaide vet to assist on Lilly’s case.

He has been conducting major surgery to pin Lilly’s broken leg, in an attempt to straighten and strengthen it.

It’s too soon yet to determine if Lily’s leg can be saved, but we will not stop fighting for this brave girl.

Will you help Lily get the care and specialist attention she so desperately needs?

Complex surgery and rehabilitation obviously comes at significant cost to our charity. We estimate the total cost of Lily’s treatment and recovery will be $1600.

Can you please donate today to help give Lily a second chance at life?


* The goal for Lilly’s fundraiser includes surgery to attempt to straighten her leg, as well as desexing, vaccinations, microchipping, regular health checks and daily care – which will continue until she’s ready for adoption. If her medical and care costs are less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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$50.00 AR Amna Rashid
I hope she has a full and speedy recovery
$40.00 Kl Kay lindley
$25.00 LT Lauren Taylor
$5.00 AJ Andrew Jolly
I hope lily gets what she needs! Good luck! I heart you RSPCA.
$50.00 DC Daniel & Cale
Good luck Lilly and thanks to all the awesome people over at RSPCA!
$10.00 NN Nikola + Nina
Get well soon gorgeous 👧
$50.00 NJ Nathan Jamesion
$25.00 Ck Christa kinnear
Special hugs
$25.00 AV Ashlee Viro
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