Lucy's Emergency Fund

Lucy was barely three months old when her she came into our care with a badly broken front leg. The poor Chihuahua pup was in severe pain and needed immediate surgery to save her leg.

Thankfully, that surgery was a huge success – but Lucy wasn’t out of the woods yet.

She was placed into foster care in late January, where she’s been receiving round-the-clock to ensure her splintered leg can heal properly.

Lucy’s foster carer Lisa says it’s clear the pup hasn’t received the crucial socialisation needed for such a young dog. Luckily though, Lisa has two other RSPCA rescue dogs that have spent countless hours teaching little Lucy how to be a dog.

This bouncing ball of energy is recovering well and will soon become available for adoption.

But the bills to cover her care have been mounting – it’s estimated the total cost of her surgery and treatment will be $2000.

Please help Lucy gain a second chance at life by donating now.


* The goal for Lucy’s fundraiser includes her initial surgery to fix her broken leg, plus medications, vaccinations, desexing, regular health checks and daily care – which will continue until she’s ready for adoption. If her medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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$25.00 GC Geoff Cook
For the animals!
$50.00 SS Susan Shaw
$50.00 KM Kathryn Mohan
Keep fighting the good fight, RSPCA!!!
$20.00 MR Margaret Redding
God bless everyone of you who care for the animals . They are such an integral part of our lives & deserve all the love us animal lovers can bestow upon them . I remember Dr Brad Ward ( Marion Small Animal Hospital ) from many years ago when he treated & comforted my beloved 1st siamese cat Samantha ( 14 yr.old ) as she approached her life,s end . I thank you for your kindness . I have since had 2 more siamese cats & am now the proud parent of a beautiful RSPCA fluffy tabby cat . Kind regards
$50.00 ME Madeleine Elkin
Poor little thing
$10.00 ? Anonymous
$1,000.00 JC Joanna Collins
Keep up the incredible lifesaving work you do X
$50.00 AG Aaron Gray
$25.00 jg jill gray
get better soon Lucy
$25.00 IE Irene Edgecombe
I hope Lucy gets well quickly and finds a wonderful for ever home. xx