Manasa's Emergency Fund

Manasa was found in an absolutely terrible state just two weeks ago – covered in ants and lying in a Mawson Lakes garden bed. Heartbreakingly, two newborn kittens were dead by her side.

She was crying out in pain and fear, but completely unable to move.

With Manasa’s life hanging in the balance, RSPCA Rescue Officer Nalika raced to the scene. Acting quickly, Nalika collected poor Manasa and rushed her straight to our Lonsdale shelter for immediate surgery.

But Manasa wasn’t out of the woods yet. Her condition worsened overnight – and our vets soon began to suspect she’d been bitten by a snake, prompting the premature birth of her poor babies.

It was only once our vets gave Manasa a brown snake anti-venom that this 10-month-old kitty finally started to recover.

Our vet team decided to name her Manasa, after the Hindi goddess of the snakes – a nod to the incredible circumstances she has suffered and survived.

While Manasa is now almost completely healed and will soon become available for adoption, the bills associated with her care are hefty. It’s estimated the total cost of Manasa’s surgery, anti-venom and rehabilitation will be $2,200.

Can you help Manasa recover and make a donation today?


* The goal for Manasa’s fundraiser includes her initial surgery, plus medications, vaccinations, desexing, regular health checks and daily care – which will continue until she’s ready for adoption. All donations will go towards Manasa’s veterinary treatment and general care, with any surplus funds going towards rehabilitating other animals currently in RSPCA South Australia’s care.


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$50.00 DC Debra Crawford
I am happy to help support Manasa - get well soon lovely fur baby and I am sure there will be a loving home waiting for you.
$400.00 ? Anonymous
Thanks to the person who found Manasa and to all the staff at RSPCA SA for their wonderful care and compassion.
$20.00 ? Anonymous
She is in the best hands.
$50.00 CP Carmel Petersen
Hoping Manasa will find her forever home.
$15.00 EG Elly Grady
Get well and continue your recovery Manasa. Hope you find your furever home soon!
? Anonymous
$50.00 RN Roma Narayan
$15.00 NM Nicole Michas
Get well kitty! Love Felix, Dexter and Lexi
$50.00 JU Julia Uz
Give Manasa a cuddle and stroke from me.
$5.00 ? Anonymous
Brava on the endurance of Manasa, that wonderful kitty. I hope my tiny donation helps the momentum for your donations fund, and that she finds a loving and protective forever home soon after she is healed. Well Done, folks!