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Welcome to my Adelaide's Next Top Pet page!

Kiara Scanlan

Kiara Scanlan

Thank you so much for supporting my pets rise to fame!

This is my gorgeous bunny rabbit named Tirpin! He is a 12 month old Netherland Dwarf rabbit and loves to cuddly and play. He loves sleeping in the oddest yet cutest of ways as seen by the pictures shown. Tirpin adores the outside as I take him to the park just outside on a leash! He loves running and jumping around on the couch! We recently bought a playpen for him so he can jump around outside without our watch and he adores it. He loves treats and is quickly learning how to spin! The one thing that he truly loves though, is being pat. He'll stay on your lap and chill there letting you pet him for all eternity.

We love Tirpin with all our hearts and I thought it'd be nice to show him off to the world and express how funny and amazing of a pet he is.

I believe that they are Adelaide's Next Top Pet because they are the cutest, smartest and most lovable pet in South Australia. Please support them (and animals in need!!) so they can be in the top 10 fundraisers and be crowned Adelaide's Next Top Pet at Published ArtHouse on 3rd March.

Thanks again for your generous support.




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