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Adelaide's Next Top Pet!

Sok The Dog

Sok The Dog

Thank you so much for supporting me, @Sok_theDog in my quest to become Adelaide's Next Top Pet!

I believe that I am Adelaide's Next Top Pet because I am the cutest, furriest, smartest and most lovable pet in South Australia as my owners have told me on multiple occasions. I am a struggling artist and would love your support in my pursuit to support other dogs alike. Please check out my feature film trailer below to show you a little more about a day in the life of me, Sok!

Please support me and all my other animal friends in need so I can be in the top 10 fundraisers and be crowned Adelaide's Next Top Pet at Published ArtHouse on 3rd March. I am a rescue dog myself so I understand how important the work the RSPCA does for neglected animals.

Thanks again for your generous support :)

Some fun facts below:

$18 could help provide a homeless cat with a warm bed, litter tray and toys.

$25 can help provide ongoing flea treatment for a neglected animal

$44 can microchip and register a litter of rescued puppies

$46 could pay for the milk needed to bottle feed a litter of abandoned kittens.

$52 could provide a week of antibiotics to a homeless dog recovering from emergency surgery.

$77 could help pay for hospital strength cleaning products to keep the kittery germ-free for a week.

$156 could help keep one of our brave inspectors on the road fighting animal cruelty.




raised of $300 goal

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Good luck Sok