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Adelaide's Next Top Pet: Viper!

Tanya Jasmine

Tanya Jasmine

Thank you so much for checking out Vipers fundraising page!

Viper is a beautiful little staffordshire bull terrier. She's goofy, loving and sweet. As she got older, she got diagnosed with hypothyroidism (dog like owner!), which caused her to slow down a lot. She's not the energetic girl she used to be, but she's still a lovely soul.

I believe that Viper could be Adelaide's Next Top Pet because despite her illness, she's still powering through life! She's an inspiration to all people and pets out there.

Please support her and all the other animals in need, so she can raise money for the RSPCA and can be in the top 10 fundraisers, hopefully be crowned Adelaide's Next Top Pet at Published ArtHouse on 3rd March.

Thanks again for your generous support.

Tanya and Viper ❤



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