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Help make Alfie Adelaide's Next Top Pet!

Lauren Walter

Lauren Walter

Want to help Alfie become Adelaide's Next Top Pet and support the RSPCA in assisting animals in need at the same time? You can by making a donation through the link on this page!

Just over a year ago I adopted Alfie and his sister Isla from the RSPCA Lonsdale shelter when they were twelve week old kittens. As soon as he entered his new home, he brought fun and laughter with his entertaining antics and endearing nature.

Alfie loves:
- climbing anything (cat trees, actual trees, bookshelves, trellises)
- figuring out how to open cupboard doors (an opportunistic hunter, he's usually on the lookout for food)
- discovering new wildlife (recent discoveries include a lizard and a baby mouse)
- chasing his sister Isla around corners and under tables, often taking her by surprise
- talking - he has a sound to go with every movement
- meeting new people, and brushing against those he truly loves with his tail end

Please help Alfie in his quest to become Adelaide's Next Top Pet and donate whatever you can to support the RSPCA and animals in need - the top 10 fundraisers will be in the running to be crowned Adelaide's Next Top Pet at Published ArtHouse on 3rd March 2019.

Thanks again for your generous support.




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