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I want to be Adelaide's Next Top Pet!

Esther Lorraine

Esther Lorraine

Hi friends, Thank you so much for supporting my rise to fame!

My name is Cleo and I'd like to be 'Adelaide's Next Top Pet' because I have been a homeless kitten too. My Mummy adopted me from the RSPCA and is now my loyal servant and parent.

She gives me everything I could hope for, along with my big brother Cassidy! They say I'm the cutest, smartest and cheekiest kitty in South Australia!

Please support the RSPCA (and animals in need!!) so I can be in the top 10 fundraisers and be crowned Adelaide's Next Top Pet at Published ArtHouse on 3rd March.

Thanks again for your generous support.

Meows and Purrs,

Queen Cleopatra (Cleo)


raised of $300 goal

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1. Speedpanda and Toya
Oh your majesty Queen Cleo, we applaud you and your cause. Cats rule!
2. Anonymous
Well done Cleo on this worthy cause - love Nanny and Gramps xoxo
3. Mandy
4. Jas
All hail Queen Cleo
5. Esther Lorraine