Abandoned Puppies Emergency Fund

These 12 abandoned puppies need your help.

At barely three weeks old, the tiny pups were separated from their mother and left in a plastic crate at Whyalla’s animal care centre.

With the puppies’ lives hanging in the balance, RSPCA’s rescue officers immediately made a long-distance mercy dash to bring the babies to specialist care at our Lonsdale shelter.

The defenceless staffy-cross puppies are so small their eyes are not yet full open. They can’t yet feed or toilet themselves – they desperately need specialist care.

Can you help us cover the hefty costs of caring for these gorgeous puppies?

Sadly, given their age, it is still too soon to predict if all of them will make it. But we will do our very best to give each and every puppy the best chance of survival.

Our expert foster carers are now providing round-the-clock feeds of special formulas, providing much-needed nutrients normally received from their mum’s milk.

We’ll also ensure the puppies get regular and ongoing veterinary care.

Our best hope is that every single puppy survives and we can help them all find forever homes once they are 12 weeks old (after ensuring they have all been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked).

But the sudden arrival of so many vulnerable young animals has put added pressure on our already-stretched resources.

We estimate the total cost of caring for these 12 abandoned puppies over the next two months will be $12,185.

Can you please donate today to help us save these tiny puppies?


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$50.00 ? Anonymous
Thank you for doing such wonderful workers
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We’re donating on behalf of Harrison Michaelides to help with the welfare of the puppies
$100.00 KS Karen Smith
I hope they will be ok.
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$25.00 ss sally souter
At least we care
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$25.00 JB Jeremy Bryce
Those dogs are beautiful. It's sad that they have had a bumpy start.
$25.00 ES Erica Singh
Hope they all survive and find loving homes. Well done RSPCA