Donate to save neonatal animals like Lemon

Lemon was barely a day old when he was abandoned on a doorstep – starving, freezing and close to death.

The tiny Maltese puppy was so young he hadn’t even opened his eyes yet.

He was found the next morning, barely alive.

It’s a miracle this newborn baby even made it through the cold night with no shelter, food or warmth.

RSPCA South Australia Rescue Officer Jo rushed to save Lemon, tears welling at the injustice of someone abandoning a helpless pup – so small, he literally fit in the palm of her hand.

“He was the tiniest puppy I had ever seen,” Rescue Officer Jo recalls.

The next few days were crucial to baby Lemon’s survival.

He required round-the-clock care just to stay alive – specialist care that was only possible thanks to the kind support of people like you.

It was donations that allowed us to give Lemon a special neonatal animal incubator, a heat lamp, 12 bottle feeds every day of highly nutritious puppy milk formula, and hourly observation, including temperature and weight checks.

It all added up to countless hours of care. Care which saved Lemon’s life.

Will you help us save more baby animals just like Lemon, who come to us tiny, frail and in desperate need?

Lemon could have died that night on that doorstep, cold and alone.

It’s supporters like you, who ensure that Lemon – and many other newborns just like him – survive their rough start to life, grow healthy and strong, and find loving homes.

Please, will you give a gift today to help us save more neonatal animals?


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