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Welcome to My Silent September Page

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson

Thank you so much for visiting. Protecting and caring for animals in need is a cause very close to my heart, and I'll sincerely appreciate all the help I can get. Together we can make a difference!

For every $1 you donate to RSPCA South Australia, I'll be silent for 1 minute. That means $30 = 30 minutes and $60 = one hour. How long do you want me to stop talking for?!

Thanks again for your generous support.

All the best - Ryan


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1. HHappiness is Dog Shaped
Thank you for being the voice for the voiceless ??
2. TRTahni Robertson
good luck Ryan!
3. AGAngela Giuliani
Love your work, all the best x
4. SShelly, Cheryl and Craig
Don't think this gets you out of inspector duties!