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Six Steps to Silent September Success!

1. Sign Up

Click here to sign up for Silent September. It’s super simple and you can even sign up with Facebook in just one click!

  1. 2. Set your goal

    How long can you be silent for? Every minute of silence during Silent September is worth $1. So your target depends on how long you think you can be silent for.

    Four hours = $240. Eight hours = $480. How long can you be silent?

  2. 3. Personalise your page

    Time to add some personality! Add a photo and personalise your profile to let your friends and family know why you’re taking part.

    At this point you can also set up a team. Being silent is more fun together! Make a team with your work colleges, family or friends. Maybe you could try and have a silent work meeting? Or what about a silent dinner party with friends? The possibilities are endless!

  3. 4. Plan your silence

    Will you be silent at work, at school or university, or maybe in the evening with family and friends? Perhaps you’ll hold a silent party? The official day of Silent September is Friday 22nd September 2017, but if that day doesn’t work for you, then you can be silent any day in September.

  4. 5. Share!

    Ask your friends, family and colleges to sponsor your silence – they can finally pay you to stop talking!

    Share your fundraising page on social media using the hashtag #silentseptember, or send them an email using one of our email templates. Find more fundraising tips

  5. 6. Be silent & save animals!

    The final step is simple - be silent and reach your silence goal (don’t forget, for every $1 you’ve raised, you need to be silent for 1 minute). Being silent means you can still use social media so make sure to share your pics using the hashtag #silentseptember

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