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Last year, RSPCA South Australia cared for 9,881 sick, injured, abandoned, neglected and lost animals. Animals who have nowhere else to turn, and no voice of their own to ask for help.

These animals often need costly vet care, surgery, rehabilitation and TLC to get them back on their feet. Here at RSPCA we will never turn them away. We will never put time limits on their care. And we will never give up on them. But we can’t do this without your help.

When you sign up for Silent September, and help us raise our target of $62,500, you are saving lives. It’s a simple as that.

With every 1 minute of silence raising $1 for animals in need, together we can make a huge difference! Here’s how we’ll put your funds to use:

  • One hour of silence ($60) can help diagnose and treat a sick puppy
  • Two hours of silence ($120) can help a cat find a loving new home
  • Four hours of silence ($240) can help heal a badly injured dog
  • Six hours of silence ($360) can keep a Rescue Officer on the road

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