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Pay to get me to shut up (and, you know, help animals) <3

Katey Sutcliffe

Katey Sutcliffe

Hey friends! If you've been inflicted with my constant prattling on about our adorable rescue bunny Mushi, or the fact that I'm now vegan (did you hear that? I'm vegan, man. Vegan! #vegan #hashtagvegan #veganlyfe #veganandwontshutupaboutit :D), you'll know protecting and caring for animals in need is a cause very close to my heart.

So I've decided to sign on for Silent September, because if you donate YOU win twice - you get to help adorable critters, and you get me to shut the hell up for five minutes (or longer, if you shell out for it!).

For every $1 you donate to RSPCA South Australia, I'll be silent for one minute. That means $30 = 30 minutes and $60 = one hour. How long do you want me to stop talking for?! (Don't say forever. I might explode.)

I would really appreciate anything you can give to the RSPCA. They've changed our lives for the better by giving us Mushi, and help countless animals that can't stand up for themselves.

Together we can do this.

Right! Now I'll shut up... but for how long?! (woooooo!)


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1. KGKenneth Gosnold
I wish i had could afford to keep you quiet longer....douche
2. CTChristine Thompson
3. BBeck Anna
Love your work xx
4. SPStephanie Page
Good work Katey darling
5. KSKathryn Sherrard
A wonderful cause, enjoy the voice rest!
6. ?Anonymous
From Ellie and a bit from Mutti so you get to your goal