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Welcome to My Silent September Page

Nicole Barnes

Nicole Barnes

Thank you so much for visiting. Protecting and caring for animals in need is a cause very close to my heart, and I'll sincerely appreciate all the help I can get. Together we can make a difference!

For every $1 you donate to RSPCA South Australia, I'll be silent for 1 minute. That means $30 = 30 minutes and $60 = one hour. How long do you want me to stop talking for?!

I will be doing this over two days, September 10th and September 25th.
On both occasions my own abused dog, Honey, will be by my side. I don't know what horrors my beautiful girl went through, however I am her voice and her protector. So, I'm doing this to help other animals find their loving homes which will allow them to begin to heal.

Thanks again for your generous support.

All the best - Nicole


raised of $1,300 goal

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