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Staying Silent this September - with your help!

Kate Holmes

Kate Holmes

Thank you so much for visiting. Everyday I see the amazing work done by those at the coalface of RSPCA South Australia, the rescue officers rushing to animals hit by cars, the Inspectors dealing with emaciated and neglected animals often in perilous situations, the dedicated shelter staff doing a million jobs at once for the hundreds of animals in our care, the vets giving every animal the care it so desperately needs. This is only made possible by the generosity of the community, who funds 90% of our work we do. With around 10,000 animals each year cared for by RSPCA South Australia, we need the support of the community now as much as ever.

Protecting and caring for these animals that come into our care is a cause very close to my heart and gets me out of bed everyday. These animals often can't tell us the abuse that they faced or the situation they came from, so I am giving up my voice for the voiceless to raise much needed funds. I'll sincerely appreciate all the help I can get. Together we can make a difference!

For every $1 you donate to RSPCA South Australia, I'll be silent for 1 minute. That means $30 = 30 minutes and $60 = one hour. How long do you want me to stop talking for?!

Thanks again for your generous support!



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