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We need you to help us combat animal cruelty in South Australia.

Each year, our small team of inspectors investigate more than 4,000 reports of animal cruelty. They can only continue this life-saving work with the support of people like you.

Will you support our inspectors with a $25 donation to help keep them on the road, fighting animal abuse?

Please donate today to keep our inspectors on the road, rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.



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$50.00 ?Anonymous
$10.00 ?Anonymous
Thank you for all the work you do to save these poor animals from the miserable lives they had. It warms my heart to read they've been rescued and re-homed with loving people who care.
$100.00 RWRichard & stacey Wozniak
ALL Animals have emotions of Sadness and Happiness (OBVIOUS) and as mammals feel physical pain and suffering EQUAL to humans and many " Human's are just far too ignorant and selfish and arrogant and greedy and Evil to think otherwise.... No such thing as a Bad Dog .. just a bad human that has influenced it ..Polish proverb.. " Show me your Dog and I will tell you who you are" ...keep prosecuting these "persons".. and hit them with Jail time and the in the pocket ..Not a slap on the wrist.. Good Luck
$50.00 LALinda Allman-Ward
Thank you all for all the great work you do
$50.00 BBarb
I'm often in tears at the unbearable inhumane cruelty inflicted on defenceless, innocent animals - with or without your stories. I'm often in emotional tears of "happiness" at the wonderful results of some of your rescues.
$100.00 ?Anonymous
$25.00 NGNicola Grantham
Thank you for your extraordinary work to help animals in need.
$250.00 LHLloyd Hunter-McKechnie
$50.00 ?Anonymous