Vet Emergency Fund

At RSPCA South Australia, we do all we can for the animals in our care. This includes those who need emergency treatment and surgery.

We will never give up on these animals, but we can’t afford to provide these emergency treatments without your help.

By donating to our Vet Emergency Fund, you can provide these animals with the urgent treatment they need, and give them a second chance at finding a loving home.

Please make a donation today to our vet emergency fund. Thank you. 


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$200.00 ?Anonymous
$50.00 PRPatricia & Richard
What amazing work by your Vet Team and the surgeon who fixed Missy.
$30.00 CCharlie
$30.00 AAnki, Mena & Nicolette
$50.00 VAVictoria ApSimon
$100.00 ?Anonymous
It's never enough!!!!
$20.00 ?Anonymous
$1,000.00 ?Anonymous
Grateful thanks to all the vet team at the RSPCA who daily provide their skill, care and compassion to each and every animal that arrives at Lonsdale shelter. As a volunteer at the shelter I silently witness your constant gentle kindness.
$50.00 ?Anonymous