RSPCA SA Dog Enrichment Yards

By Deb Adair

Please help the Animal Care staff and volunteers at RSPCA South Australia raise funds for equipment to build our new dog enrichment yards in 2024!

Enrichment is something we do with our dogs to increase their quality of life. It does not have to last a long time but it can have a huge effect on their wellbeing,


Life in the kennels can be very challenging for many dogs. The sounds and smells are all unfamiliar and can unsettle them. Although for some, the conditions are a massive improvement on where they have come from. We are now meeting their basic needs, of food, water, shelter and human contact. Also establishing a predictable routine which helps many dogs.


But for our shelter dogs we want to do much more than this. We want to meet our dogs' needs on a mental, physical and emotional level. If we do this, we can make their stay much more enjoyable,  and make them more adoptable. This in turn means their stay will be shorter and we can help many more dogs.


We like to establish a daily routine where enrichment becomes part of their daily life. This in turn will build their confidence. We also want to tap into their problem-solving abilities. So, we provide a variety of difficulty to help mentally stimulate them.


This Enrichment is provided by both staff and Volunteers. It can be provided in the kennel, which makes the kennel a nice place to be. Also, in our exercise yards and paddocks.


The result of these interactions means the dogs can rest and relax more in their kennel. It can also help manage their behavior and mean they can cope better in this environment.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the animals of South Australia. Thank you!

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Monday 10th Jul
The Animal Care staff and vollies have put together a list with some of the items the RSPCA will need to purchase for the new dog enrichment yards.