RSPCA Fundraising Walk

By Kenzie Cox

I am for a challenge that will make a difference in the lives of animals. You can support my endeavour by donating to one of my favourite charities, RSPCA South Australia.

Hi All,

My name is Kenzie Cox, and I am a year nine boarder at Immanuel College. Every year, all year nines at Immanuel collage take part in a project which is known as the community project. For my project, I have decided that I wanted to help a charity that helped animals, as animals are what I have grown up with. This is the reason that I have picked to help the RSPCA. For every dollar that is donated to me, I will be walking a lap of the oval for every dollar fundraised. My goal is $250. By me achieving this, I will have raised enough money that I am able to keep the RSPCA vet ambulance on the road for a week, saving animals that would have not been shown attention otherwise. Please help me in achieving my goal, even $1 will help me in supporting this goal and will help the RSPCA.

Thank you!

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors




Dwayne Cox




Panagopoulos People

Happy walking!


Janet & Trevor Cox

Good luck with your chosen project, Kenzie.


Ulli Maynard

From Oskie and Angus 😁🐕


Tina Di Blasio


Linda And Greg

Well done Kenzie!


Vicki Mcnally

Great job Kenz


Aaliyah Rogan

I love RSPCA! Hope your project goes well Kenzie. Love Aaliyah