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Poor Howie arrived at our shelter in crippling pain and discomfort two weeks ago with a dreadful host of chronic health problems.

The Maltese cross’ left eye had lost all vision and was bulging out at a painful and sickening angle. 

His badly overgrown, filthy coat was so severely matted that it was soiled with faeces, leaving the 8-year-old in terrible discomfort.

And that wasn’t all – the poor boy was also suffering from an awful dental disease, where a build-up of tartar meant his gums were inflamed and his teeth were damaged.   

Sweet little Howie was helpless, and completely unable to do anything about the agony he was in.

RSPCA’s skilled team of vets worked quickly, immediately operating to remove Howie’s eye and carefully stitch it up, before clipping and cleaning his coat. Sadly, they say this surgery may have been prevented with earlier attention.

Howie is now on the way to recovery as his eye heals, but his treatment isn’t over.

Unfortunately, the little Maltese cross is still awaiting a dental exam where vets predict multiple teeth will need to be removed.

All of Howie’s much-needed treatment comes at a great cost to our charity.

Will you help beautiful Howie get the expert care and attention he desperately needs? We estimate the total cost of his treatment and recovery will be $3,100.

Can you please donate today to help give Howie the best chance of recovering and finding the loving forever home he deserves?

* The goal for Howie’s fundraiser includes surgery to remove his eye and treat his dental disease, as well as the ongoing costs of antibiotics, pain relief and rehabilitation. If his medical costs are less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need.


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$25.00 AS Athena Sandalis
$50.00 LB Lynette Burr
Bless you little darling, and thank you to the doctors for helping you.
$25.00 Sm Shaelagh mclaughlin
$25.00 RM Renee Marsland
All the best little Howie! <3
$25.00 ? Anonymous
In loving memory of Mr Bear who loved life
$25.00 JM Jane Mitchell
Wishing Howie a speedy recovery.
? Anonymous
In loving memory of Mr Bear who loved life
$30.00 IE Irene Edgecombe
We are so grateful for the work the RSPCA do, Hope this small amount helps Howie. MY Mum Eve put in some money.
$25.00 HC Helen Carter
I get so annoyed with people when dogs are allowed to get in this state the poor little love must have been in so much pain.x Hope this helps.
$25.00 EW Emma Watts