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These four tiny puppies were born just six weeks ago to beautiful Nala, a mumma who’s fought to keep her babies alive.

The American Staffordshire Terrier and her pups came to us earlier this week terribly underweight.  

With Nala weighing nearly 25% less than she should, giving birth and caring for her pups has put a terrible strain on her body. She must be so exhausted.

At only three years old, Nala has already been through so much – and so have her pups.

Our expert team of vets and animal carers predict that each pup will need up to four weeks of specialised foster care, daily monitoring and weekly weigh-ins as they grow.

For the tiny runt of the litter, little Wilbur, it’s even more touch-and-go.

Weighing in at just 500g, Wilbur is so weak and tiny – he’s almost half the size of his bigger brother.

But we’re quietly hopefully we can help Wilbur get the care he needs to survive – along with his brother, two sisters and beautiful mum.

The family’s previous owner sadly found themselves in a situation where they weren’t able to provide Nala and her pups with the care they needed.

With the support of our staff, that owner was able to come to the decision to surrender the family to our care, ensuring they would be well looked after.

Nala is now on a closely monitored feeding plan to gain weight and regain her strength, and we're ensuring all five canines receive regular and ongoing veterinary care.

The sudden arrival of so many vulnerable animals has put added pressure on our already-stretched resources – we estimate the cost of caring for Nala and her four pups over the next month will be $2,500. As a charity 91% funded by community donations, we need your help to cover these costs.

Can you please donate today to help give these sweet little dogs the best chance of growing strong and finding the loving forever homes they deserve?

* The goal for this puppy family’s fundraiser includes the ongoing costs of specialist foster care, as well as vaccinations, worming, microchipping, desexing, regular health checks and daily care for all five canines – which will continue until they’re ready for adoption. If their medical costs are less than is raised in their name, additional funds will provide care for other animals in need. 


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$50.00 ? Anonymous
Wishing all the best for Nala and her puppies.
$50.00 VD Victoria Davis
Wishing the best for Nala, Wilbur and the rest of the puppies. 💞
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Wishing the best for Nala and her pups.
$50.00 JP Jeanette Powell
Dear Nala and puppies. Rest up and grow strong. There's help and a home for you somewhere soon.
$50.00 WR Wendy Russell-Reed
For little Wilbur and his family.
AD Alice Dempster
$20.00 LP Lorraine Poyner
I hope the little pup thrives x
$7.00 LW Leeanne Wegener
Praying they all get healthy and find loving families, plus mumma also... Wish the very best for them all .... Wish I could give more ...